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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Before College

High School is over. I've learned a lot from my experiences there, and have made some truly unforgettable memories. But it's already quite a bit into the summer, and it's time to seriously get back to work. To dwell on high school would be a giant waste of time, especially since I know that college will swoop me up and get me working like never before.

Some basic plans for the summer are to keep writing Seeking Alpha articles as a sort of job, and move all of my cash into one account for future swing trading that will happen. I anticipate the account movement will take around a week. I will be reading some books and self-studying more of the markets in order to be more prepared for Stern. I will be reading the WSJ as well to keep my mind flowing. Of course, I'll still be having a good time - it's summer, of course.

Will still be maintaining an overwhelming majority position in VYM for now. I like the mixture of relative diversification that it offers in large-caps as well as the relatively high dividend yield that it continues to pay out. Of course, it isn't glamorous by any means - it honestly is quite boring, but I know that by the end of the summer I will be completely engulfed in the markets like I have been before. Just been experiencing a lot of the other aspects of life for the end of high school and for a tiny bit of the summer. I know now that things have to get back on track. Blew quite a bit of money on dates and hanging out with friends.

Finished another Seeking Alpha article recently. More of those will be coming soon. Anything to take some time away from thinking about my ex. The breakup was way worse than I could have ever envisioned. Things will get better.

Stern awaits. I'm really excited to see what opportunities I'll be able to find in New York.

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