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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Slight Change

A change has been made. It won't really have that much an effect on performance, as it's pretty inconsequential, but I wanted to procure a stronger representation of large and mega cap companies in the mix with the new holding. It makes my overall position quite more defined, as currently I am not interested in holding positions in any more small caps other than what I am already involved in.

All the funds from SPY and XLP have been switched into VYM. With SPY, the entire S&P 500 was represented, meaning that I was still involved with some small caps. XLP was a sector-based ETF that focused on Consumer Staples; when I entered it I used it as more of a hedge against a selloff, as Consumer Staples temper them quite better than the overall market. Currently, it isn't a desire to put as much weight on that particular sector anymore.

VYM is a high dividend yield ETF, which again, has most of its holdings in large and mega cap companies that churn out consistent dividends.

Skechers, the only riskier holding, has been left untouched. Even though it already isn't a very significant position in itself, I did want to tone down the risk profile of the portfolio overall a bit with the change, however small the change is. 

It's currently a pretty boring composition, and has been for a while. I anticipate it will continue as well; I have a research project to work on that has required and will continue to require a significant amount of my time, even after the school year begins. 

I said before that I would hopefully get into more of some swing trading a portion of the portfolio over the summer for both increased risk and involvement, as to be fair, I am relatively young so my risk tolerance is definitely higher than what my current composition would suggest. That has not happened. I just haven't found a large enough block of time where I felt comfortable enough to enter short-term positions again, and to dedicate the fair amount of time towards planning and monitoring them.

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