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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yet Another Portfolio Update

So here we are.

It is a new year. My second half of my sophomore year and the first half of my junior year. It seems like a long time ago when I started posting to this blog. It was 8th grade? 7th? I don't feel like checking, so I'll just roll with whatever.

Although the feedback is really lacking, I find myself not minding. I have 13,000 views now, which is honestly pretty insane, at least for the expectations that I put on myself and this project. I find these blog posts to be really cathartic, in that I can reflect on how things are doing, plan the near and far future, as well as see my growth from my old self.

However, I have gotten very few comments. Whatever.

Anyway, things have been going pretty well for me.

My buys, NDLS and PBPB, have both reaped me pretty fantastic returns. Although the S&P and Dow had, respectively, great years of their own,

I got pretty good results from these two.

This is as of today. Which is Thursday, January 8th, 2014.

I think I made a good decision, kind of, in that I looked at their charts and technical indicators and decided that they had just about bottomed out. I thought that PBPB and NDLS were both being heavily battered under a large amount of selling pressure, and that it was somewhat undeserved in that they are still both looking to expand and grow with projected positive forward PE ratios.

I pulled the trigger, and I guess I was really lucky because they actually both did pretty much bottom out when I bought them. 


Also, a competition is coming up for a business club in my high school that I am a board member of, the annual DECA sectionals. I hope to do well. I'm doing the business finance section of the competition so I feel pretty confident in my ability, but one should never take too much precaution on this sort of thing.

It's getting late. 12:41 on a school night. I should get to bed now.

Till next time,



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