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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another portfolio and life update.

I need to really update my portfolio... I haven't in a long time. My bad.


I don't really know who I would be apologizing to.

My college application team guy, my fellow students who may be reading this, the 3,000 people who have viewed my blog since I last posted?

Wow, that's pretty crazy when I think about it; 3,000 people saw my blog within the time from now and my last post, and my last post left them with the impression that I was holding WETF...

To make a long story short, I sold it a while ago. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have, but I was honestly bored. It just kept vibrating in some stupid 12 to 10 range, and I was getting tired of it. It went up to 15 after an earnings pop I believe, so that's nice for them.

Sadly, I had already sold it a while before that happened.

Missed out on it. Whatever.

However, I did purchase shares of NDLS and PBPB (Noodles and Co. and Potbelly Sandwich Co.)

Chart performance:

What's fantastic is that I bought them both near their lows, before they popped.

These are the dates that I bought the shares. It was all done in two orders, one for each stock, so I don't really know why it was recorded that way but I am retaining the info on how much of the shares I bought. Reason being I'm sure that there's some law or legal ramifications that I would have a problem with, and if not, I don't think I should disclose how much of each stock I buy anymore. Don't want that information getting around. Hope you understand.

Why? Chart patterns, mostly. The forward P/E on both these companies is positive, and I expect a turnaround in both stock prices within the next year or two. These are growth companies, on the same scale as Chipotle. At least I hope. They have both been bombarded with a large amount of selling activity and I picked them up at their lows. They are still definitely not dirt-cheap, but I am hoping the momentum turns around.

So far it has.

Other important milestones or things I have done... I finished a Republican GOP Internship which was 110 hours of grueling political work, like managing a phone bank and talking straight up Illinois politics with the Field Office managers and directors. Found out how dire our financial situation as a state was. Let's hope Bruce Rauner and co. can turn it around.

It wasn't easy. Would do it again, though. Was definitely a fun experience, although some days my homework was so heavy I had to call on the phone bank and do it at the same time just to get over 5 hours of sleep.

Got elected board member of DECA, my school's business club. Fantastic. I now manage the fundraising social media management sector of the club, as well as the mass email communication system.

I also got to talk on the intercom of the school. That was nice.

Talk soon. Although it's a Saturday, I have so much homework and a project due soon.

Probably shouldn't have spent the time to write this. May backfire on me.


- Kevin

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