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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beginning the school year

I'm not done.

Nowhere close to being done, to be completely honest. 

I'll get more into how the portfolio is doing once I get to a computer, without having to type up this post on my phone.

Basically, my funds were quite heavily decreased; I was told that I need to make sure my grades are stellar before I get back into the trading game.

However, I still am making a play.


Wisdomtree is showing a beautiful chart pattern right now, and the fundamentals of the company are quite nice, with an exceptional return on equity and other general statistics. 

Let me show you the chart pattern. If the picture is botched, please accept my apology for it. I got it from my phone. 

So I'm expecting a nice double bottom with the two zags at the 9.50 and the 10 level. I hope it'll break the negative trend line. That way the entire flow of the price will be rewritten from there.

I'll be talking more from now on. School is getting flat. The tests and homework are stagnating in difficulty. That means more time to do this.

Although with the diminished funds it won't really matter that much, I want to get back on the job.


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