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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another portfolio and life update.

I need to really update my portfolio... I haven't in a long time. My bad.


I don't really know who I would be apologizing to.

My college application team guy, my fellow students who may be reading this, the 3,000 people who have viewed my blog since I last posted?

Wow, that's pretty crazy when I think about it; 3,000 people saw my blog within the time from now and my last post, and my last post left them with the impression that I was holding WETF...

To make a long story short, I sold it a while ago. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have, but I was honestly bored. It just kept vibrating in some stupid 12 to 10 range, and I was getting tired of it. It went up to 15 after an earnings pop I believe, so that's nice for them.

Sadly, I had already sold it a while before that happened.

Missed out on it. Whatever.

However, I did purchase shares of NDLS and PBPB (Noodles and Co. and Potbelly Sandwich Co.)

Chart performance:

What's fantastic is that I bought them both near their lows, before they popped.

These are the dates that I bought the shares. It was all done in two orders, one for each stock, so I don't really know why it was recorded that way but I am retaining the info on how much of the shares I bought. Reason being I'm sure that there's some law or legal ramifications that I would have a problem with, and if not, I don't think I should disclose how much of each stock I buy anymore. Don't want that information getting around. Hope you understand.

Why? Chart patterns, mostly. The forward P/E on both these companies is positive, and I expect a turnaround in both stock prices within the next year or two. These are growth companies, on the same scale as Chipotle. At least I hope. They have both been bombarded with a large amount of selling activity and I picked them up at their lows. They are still definitely not dirt-cheap, but I am hoping the momentum turns around.

So far it has.

Other important milestones or things I have done... I finished a Republican GOP Internship which was 110 hours of grueling political work, like managing a phone bank and talking straight up Illinois politics with the Field Office managers and directors. Found out how dire our financial situation as a state was. Let's hope Bruce Rauner and co. can turn it around.

It wasn't easy. Would do it again, though. Was definitely a fun experience, although some days my homework was so heavy I had to call on the phone bank and do it at the same time just to get over 5 hours of sleep.

Got elected board member of DECA, my school's business club. Fantastic. I now manage the fundraising social media management sector of the club, as well as the mass email communication system.

I also got to talk on the intercom of the school. That was nice.

Talk soon. Although it's a Saturday, I have so much homework and a project due soon.

Probably shouldn't have spent the time to write this. May backfire on me.


- Kevin

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beginning the school year

I'm not done.

Nowhere close to being done, to be completely honest. 

I'll get more into how the portfolio is doing once I get to a computer, without having to type up this post on my phone.

Basically, my funds were quite heavily decreased; I was told that I need to make sure my grades are stellar before I get back into the trading game.

However, I still am making a play.


Wisdomtree is showing a beautiful chart pattern right now, and the fundamentals of the company are quite nice, with an exceptional return on equity and other general statistics. 

Let me show you the chart pattern. If the picture is botched, please accept my apology for it. I got it from my phone. 

So I'm expecting a nice double bottom with the two zags at the 9.50 and the 10 level. I hope it'll break the negative trend line. That way the entire flow of the price will be rewritten from there.

I'll be talking more from now on. School is getting flat. The tests and homework are stagnating in difficulty. That means more time to do this.

Although with the diminished funds it won't really matter that much, I want to get back on the job.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quick Update

Sold off all of my past investments.

Decided to base my new portfolio around managing risk.

I took the aggressive small mid cap growth value play for the next 1-3 months.

Here's my portfolio allocation, I don't think I should give you exact dollar value.

All of these stocks have fast earnings growth and have relatively decent charts. They are either in a nice uptrend or are falling onto a support line.

I'm also thinking about buying some puts on TSLA.

I think it's a bubble waiting to pop.

People are buying this thing up with irrational exuberance, and I feel like even the misinformed are buying this stock because it is simply the "starling of the stock market" these days.

But as for right now, it is still a bit too volatile and unpredictable for my tastes. I might stay away from it for the moment.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My plan of attack has changed by quite a bit.

I personally feel quite bearish on the markets in the next 3-5 weeks.

Honestly, I'm quite paranoid about some of the macroeconomic aspects of the global economy.

Now, I'm not personally saying that I predict a huge bear market to come along the way very soon, but I am quite cautious.

I literally dumped all of my past holdings, they were all small and mid cap growth companies.

I was burned on NUS. They are now being investigated for their business being some giant pyramid scheme in China and I lost quite a bit of cash on that investment.

It really sucks. I doubt even the insiders were in on that information and I am really still quite pissed off. The technicals and fundamentals were strong in the company and it was still in quite an uptrend by the time it lost over half its value within a week.

Insider selling was at its yearly high. I was and still am expecting a much larger market correction than the measly 3% drop we had yesterday and on friday.

I also heard we are also entering a currency crisis. I heard that major banks are going to default within the next 3 weeks, and that the stock markets are going to go into a violent downtrend trend not just in domestic U.S. securities but also all around the world.

So right now I am just scalping a few percentage points for my portfolio in order make up for some ground that was lost because of NUS.

For example, I bought GE. (I bought an even distribution of GE, KMX, NKE, KMX, and WM shares).

The recent tumultuous market activity lately has sent these 5 large cap stocks into undervalued territory, at least in a short term perspective.

I bought all these 5 stocks on monday so I am enjoying a bit of profit.

But if the currency crisis gets worse and worse, I will eventually get out of all 5 of these stocks.

I'll probably put in a stop loss order for 3-4% if these trades get really profitable, otherwise I'll just dump all these shares at limit price on Friday.

I don't know, I guess I am just really pissed off with NUS.

Although it is still a really good company with quality fundamentals, it was battered so hard because of recent news surrounding the company.

This past week was really eye-opening. I learned that random crap that you can't control sometimes happens. 

Just got to cut your losses and move on to the next trading opportunity. You can't dwell on any of it.


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