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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Update

It is about that time where I have to look over my holdings for the week and see how they performed.

Overall, my portfolio looks great. It performed well this week.

Really well.

I am holding four securities right now at the moment.

For this post I will just be reviewing the technical strength of my holdings; the glowing fundamentals of my three long term investments are still intact and fine, and my speculation stock is still ok.

The first one is UBNT.

As you can see, the technicals of this stock have varying cases and tell different stories.

What I pull out of this chart which includes RSI, MACD, and Full Stochs is that for the next one to two days, the stock probably will slip a bit in price, I think that that the Stochs and Bollinger Bands shows that for near term, the stock has reached a height in its trend.

But the long term prospects for the stock are still great. For one, the MACD is finally climbing up. If you look at the MACD in the very left of the chart to where July is, the stock began a climb and began to resemble a chart pattern that is called the "Elliot Wave".

Boom. If we take a closer look at the MACD which is annotated I will number the patterns that the MACD of EXPR follows which corresponds to the Elliot Wave.

Want an explanation of why I just did what I did? Download this PDF to find out what I just based those letters and numbers off of.

I think the long term prospectus of UBNT are great.

I think the short term price fluctuations of the stock will be more towards the negative during the next few market days.

Let's move on to NUS.

Though the fundamentals are incredibly strong, NUS is also positioned for a short term sell-off. The stock has been lingering at the top of its Bollinger Band for too long and the Full Stochs says that it is incredibly overbought in terms of short term fluctuations. The RSI is also heading towards the pinnacle as well.

But I also noticed that the RSI tends to soar right back up whenever the stock reaches around a 50 RSI level.

If this stock goes down to a 50 RSI level, I will definitely be picking up more of this stock.

MNST, my best performer out of all of my holdings, is also approaching an incredibly overbought level.

This is no big deal at all. I want to hold this for the long term.

But I also think that this will be selling off in the short term.

Now, let's talk about my speculation - EXPR.

Ever since the stock lost over 20% of its value due to somewhat bad earnings that lowered the average investor's outlook for this company's growth potential, I put it on my watch list and as soon as the MACD began to turn around slowly but surely in the histogram, I knew that I had timed the bottom of the stock and bought it. 

I am going to keep holding this stock and see how long my timing of the market bottom will take me.

The fundamentals are kind of eh for this stock but the technicals show possibilities for huge upswing. That's what I want to see the during the next week.

Overall, I think that my portfolio may be in for quite a bit of a sell off within the next five days to come. 

The only stock that I am pretty sure will rise is EXPR.

But I don't have the time or effort to try to time these sell offs, since I trade on a custodial account and I have to deal with T-3 and all of that nonsense, and for what? So I can save myself the 1-3% that I may lose? 

Get real. I have another $20,000 coming in and I want to scope out the market looking for more opportunities to invest in.

If I can't find any, since this market is somewhat overbought, I will just add on to my positions.

Anyway, happy holidays and Merry Christmas! My finals have just finished so I will be seriously looking at the markets over Winter Break.

I just managed to get away with a quality GPA for my first semester, so I am pretty happy about that, to say the least. 



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