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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Update 12/8/13

It's time for another update on how my portfolio is doing at the moment.

My Portfolio According to SigFig for this Year

It has been just over one year and I think I am doing incredibly well.

In terms of using this information as a feasible "track record", this may not be enough time to be used as a means to get others to invest in me, but I definitely am off to a nice start.

Right now, my two main holdings are still UBNT and MNST.

My updates on those two positions are also quite positive.

UBNT dropped off a hefty 8.71% today. I decided to check on news and commentary on why this stock dropped off.

I found no reason. This may be because my resources are limited and all I can check are the websites which give out free information, or hopefully, this is just a byproduct of market volatility.

I also probably should be expecting that, considering this is an incredibly high growth tech stock.

The fundamentals on the company haven't changed, and the earnings and growth outlook for it are still quite positive and well.

I see no reason to sell it, given the fundamentals are still same and there is no actual reason to why the stock dropped off 8%.

My guess is that an institution decided to sell of their shares of the company, but anyway, I am expecting a decent 4-5% gain on Monday. The negative volume surrounding the 8% drop is a pinnacle.

History repeats itself. Most of the times when this particular stock drops on such high volume, it is followed with a bullish response and shoots up in value.

If the stock still continues to flop then I would be a bit more concerned. Instead of it possibly being market volatility, it could be the end of the high-flying momentum this stock has going for it, although again, the fundamentals of the company are still quite sound.

MNST is now the top performer. My comments on the chart is on the picture below.

It broke out of the negative head and shoulders pattern that happened throughout the course from Sept. to Dec.

It also broke out of the negative trend line from July 15 to Nov 25.

These are all very bullish signals.

I picked this up in Oct 6th, a few days before it began its long path upwards.


MNST also has quality fundamentals that have not changed, so I am also not planning on selling off this stock anytime soon.

Other than the fact that I am now in crunch time mode for finals, overall, everything is going really well. Christmas is coming up, too. Awesome.



  1. Hey Kevin, it's Buena from Leaders. Just visiting by your blog and it's great to see that you're already raking in the profits consistently!

    All the best for this year - will be watching!

    1. Thanks bro. Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I responded a long time ago on my phone but I guess it didn't go through! I'll be keeping my eye on you as well ;)



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