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Saturday, December 28, 2013


I'm going to make this short and sweet.

I just got the last $20,000 added to the portfolio.

I sold EXPR.

Although I believe the stock still has quite a bit of upside for it later on in the future, since we are now in a bull market I think investors will actually flock away from this stock in search of other investment opportunities that can provide a more handsome return.

The price of EXPR since its IPO has been volatile and hasn't really taken off. They have some things they need to sort out.

So with the remaining funds that I had, I bought 3 other stocks and divided my remaining cash evenly among the three positions.

First off, I bought AutoNation.

Decent fundamentals. PEG is quite nice for my tastes.

EPS growth is expected.

P/E and FWD P/E are nice.

Decent ROE, ROI, ROA.

Only thing this company might have a problem with is how it has very little cash reserves, as shown by the P/C ratio.

But I mainly bought this company on a macroeconomic standpoint.

The average US car is around 11.4 years old, from what I hear. Click here for the article. (

People will be looking for new cars with the rising economy and bull market.

AutoNation is a nice pick.

CarMax and some Auto Manufacturers would have been nice picks too, but I like AutoNation the most.

My next buy was QIWI.

The fundamentals.

I like.

The only problem with this position is that I bought it with an RSI in the overbought range.

Who knows? I might be burned a bit short term because of this, but I really want in and I don't have the time nor effort to time the perfect entry point.

My last buy was VFC

They own a lot of nice clothing brands.

The North Face and Timberland are among them.

They have also recently had a 4 for 1 split.

They are doing very well.

The fundamentals from FINVIZ are wrong, because they didn't take into account the split and now the stats are all screwed up.

I like this company for their nice all around stats.

Don't have anything else to say about it.


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