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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just another quick summary for this week

3 Things:

All of these companies are small-cap, so if you choose to invest in them, then you should make sure that you take the appropriate risk measures before choosing to invest in them.

I decided to keep holding REGI, I really like how it has a 0.15 PEG ratio and although the revenue and EPS is erratic, Renewable Energy Inc is dominant in this industry and I believe that renewable energy is a growing business with many opportunities to grow in the future.

All ratios suggest that this stock is seriously undervalued. It is priced 0.49 book value, it has huge expected EPS growth. Also, it recently "inked" a deal for further growth. I'm still keeping an eye on this stock, though.

BBSI has huge expected growth and pays dividends. It is in staffing and outsourcing, so it is also a fast growing industry and I have high expectations.

Overall, I am pretty happy about my portfolio, it is obviously an aggressive growth strategy.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stocks I Bought

I recently purchased AAPL, I feel it is undervalued.

It's PEG ratio is under 0.6, I seriously feel that this stock is nice growth stock. It recently had a bad break with it's bad products, but people have dumped this stock too much.

I also bought BBSI, I high flying company with lots of growth

and I have decided to hold REGI, It is just too good of a stock. Extremely undervalued in a growing industry.

Feel free to comment.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick Update

Well, I recently bought APEI, REGI, and KMX near the middle of November. I have some good growth so far.

I like APEI and REGI because I feel that education and renewable energy are going to benefit under the obama administration.

I also think that KMX has a chance for quite a bit of growth in the used car market.

Sorry for the super quick update, I really am having a conflict with my schedule and stuff, but I have had a 9% gain in my portfolio this week. That's pretty good.

Sorry for the short update. I guess this will have to happen quite often.


Feel free to comment.


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