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Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11th Weekly Update

I said I would do this, and I graciously have. I am going to take you through all of my decisions that I have made in my investing process, and hopefully you guys will be following me.

Like I said in the first post I have ever made, I will be keeping things simple. I hopefully will be able to explain things because I have so much time to make these posts.

So, on we go. We are near the beginning of the week. I can't necessarily tell you guys exactly what trades I made for purposes such as TradeKing being down at the moment and I believe it would be somewhat illegal? I'm not sure.

I recently bought these three stocks.

AVID. I bought this because I somewhat like the chart, and I'll get into the fundamentals in a bit.

And by the way, it is really hard to read these charts unless you click it yourself. It's weird, and I'm going to try and fix that later on. At least it's a problem for me and my 13 inch laptop.

But back to the point. as you can see, there is a nice channel that has formed, and I bought this stock near the last support. I have had some success with it so far, near 4% return overall I think, but I also think the fundamentals, (financial information)  is just as, if not more important than the chart. This decides on if you should buy the stock or not. This is the pinnacle of data that you will need to know.

Click on it.
I am not so fond of it. (Again, sorry but you'll just have to trust me with the info I am giving if you don't want to click it.

Right now it is losing money. Fair enough? Yet I'm neutral on this stock. Why?

It is trading at a negative P/E ratio, while the forward P/E is near 20. Good.

Price to book value is 0.68. That means this company right now is undervalued.

Debt to Equity ratio is 0. GREAT. I love companies without debt.

I like the EPS growth. It is growing at 40%, next year will be 196%.

Yet, it is losing money quarterly. That rings a bell. It's sales growth is slowing also.

It's return on assets and return on equity is negative. Very bad.

This company has been a bad performer this year. Bad.

I also did some work on paper when researching this stock...

Eh. I didn't really know what I was doing.

I can go for a huge win in this stock, but I can also lose some money too if this company doesn't follow through. I don't know.

KELYA is another stock.

This is also another undervalued stock with the same positives and negatives as AVID, I just felt like diversifying my choices. The chart is an upward wedge. I like that. 

KELYA's ROA, ROE, and ROI are positive. Better. It has some differences, but see if you can find that out yourself.

The 2 other stocks that I do plan to put my money into are explained in my work here. 

This one is also neutral. 
CYS Financial

It also pays a 14% dividend which is nice, but can be too good to be true, or so I have been told.

REGI, I compared it to DOW chemical as they are in same sector but I don't need to show you guys about that. That stock is already fully valued.

I really like REGI.

It's undervalued as heck.

Well, this is basically what I have done this week, I have also a lot of charts but I realized how dumb only staring at charts can be unless you trade intraday, which I can't do. I have school.

Feel free to comment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More changes.

I'll begin to have even more content to start rolling in here now that I have $5k to use at my disposal to trade. There will be some minor changes now and I am really ready to start telling you guys about my plans for this blog.

I have really been erratic in the consistency of my posts. I'll try and fix that as now I have a trading account which I devote hours upon hours on.

I'll also show you guys countless charts, which will begin to detail my technical analysis.

Lastly, I will start updating my blog weekly on sundays. I hope it won't get you guys too mad.



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