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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Trip to NYC

Recently I was just at a vacation to America's greatest city and the epitome of American Capitalism, Finance, and Diversity. I was truly amazed with everything, and I realized something about life that I would remember for a long ways to come.

I was shown to the East Coast lifestyle, where everyone is hustling and bustling; going somewhere where they will work their butts off to further advance their career and way of life.

In here, it was a huge fight to the finish, everyone wasn't happy with the things they already had, they wanted more. They undeniably had ambition, and what no better place to have that ambition than New York City.

There were a lot of things I saw as a tourist, I saw the usual places where tourists normally go. It was also near Independence Day, so we all had our inner patriot for this country. We took a look at the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center memorial, things like that.

But the thing that was so cool was somehow even only staying there for 1 week in this nice hotel called "Affinia", we felt like the insiders, and we felt like we lived there all our lives.

We took a look at the financial district, where investors trade millions of dollars without breaking a sweat, with funds exceeding billions. We saw the people everywhere with their suits, going to Starbuck's, commuting with friends and working really a nice lifestyle, it looked pretty cool.

Times Square, the mass of it, the people everywhere makes you remember that there is so much to be done, so much people to meet, so much places to go, things to do, jobs to be employed in, a true center of America. When you go there at night it's almost like morning, the lights are that prominent.

I've even been to chicago, (I live near it) so trust me, New York is really an experience. No other city in  the U.S.A. can come close to the vibes you get from this place.

Heck, even the subway was interesting. Not gonna lie, it was fun.

You feel like you have to work, and work hard. This place is filled with different people with ambition. No other environment I have seen makes people have this sense of urgency and ambition as much as New York City.

Sorry if this isn't really an investor kind of post, but I really was inspired here and someday I'm gonna settle here.



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