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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My New Portfolio

There is no complete lenient industry I'm investing in.
Well, after a long time deciding on how to partition the different investment choices, I decided to go with these percentages:

35% - Technology (Apple)
30% - Food Services (Kraft)
20% - Industrial Services (Caterpillar)
15% - Other Investment Firms (JNJ)

The reason I decided upon this is because of how I wanted technology to be a major kind of investment because of it's all the rage right now, and everyone really loves it. There is a huge profit margin for technology, and I think that technology will always be one of my favorite choices to invest in. Another added addition is that it is really easy to know the basic direction the industry is going in because of how much news and media is surrounding technology.

Food services is another choice of mine because of how stable the industry will be. Honestly, there is no way that suddenly the entire world will have no more need of food; it will always be a necessity and a growing business with everyone saying that our population is exponentially growing.

Industrial services is yet another choice of mine because of how it is also becoming a thriving business with countries making their leap from third world countries to technologically-advanced countries. One signal of this is how they are constructing newer and better objects and buildings for their public. The only way they can do that is with construction tools. Also, there is no way that the industrial machinery industry will suddenly collapse, like technology can.

Lastly, I chose to save a part for investment firms. I have chosen 2 firms which I believe invest and create the right companies and honestly, they can do some of the work for me.

So, here's the math.


Technology - $35,999.61
Food Services - $30,856.81
Industrial Services - $20,571.21
Other Firms - $15,428.40

Well, yeah. That's what my portfolio now looks like.

There's going to be another post next Wednesday. Stay in touch.

I also want to explain how banks work; some stupid people out there think that they just lock your money up in a safe and pay you for it.


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