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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Im Not Sure.

Well, right now I am in a bit of a jam. I'm still wondering what to invest in, and wondering how I should spread my funds to invest in the different stocks. I'm sorry If this is a really pathetic short post, but sooner or later I will update this and show you guys my decisions and why I chose them.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't get swallowed in the mainstream.

Well, I am going to talk today about a topic which I feel strongly about.

Being part of the MAINSTREAM.

Now, you might not understand why I really care so much about this certain topic, but let me explain why I decided to mention the idea of being mainstream in investing.

I was recently hit with this idea when some of my peers were discussing the Facebook (FB) stock and saying how much they would love to invest in this company... Because of how much profitability is in the business idea and how they could easily "get rich quick".

I was dumbfounded by how stupid these people sounded, and I was also feeling a bit sorry for all of the people out there who would follow their friend's advice and end up buying this Facebook stock. Well, you have to realize that when you follow your friends and get caught up in the mainstream area of personal finance, then you will be saddened by how wrong they could be.

Don't put all of your faith in your peers and acquaintances, is all I am saying.

Let's look at the actual stock for example.

As you can see, if you actually bought this Facebook stock then you would have lost a lot of money, and without proper research you would have gotten mad at your friends and just gotten pooped on by the volatile stock market.

So my readers, this is my words of advice.

Don't listen to friends, fellow investors, etc. because you will eventually slip and fall because of their pesky advice, causing you to dislike them as a result of your loss of personal wealth.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Checking Again, A Horrible Tragedy.

Well, I guess I really deserved this one. I recently checked my portfolio again... And this is what it looks like.

Poop. Well, don't worry, laddies. I have a plan.


The reason why is because APPL is shocking me right now in its sudden downturn, which really sucks and the other 2 investments I can't even talk about. I just don't want to. So what I decided to do is to sell everything and set myself up for a new start. I still do have considerable money earned, ($35,000) but really, I just got pooped on because of my lack to check. 

Actually, it doesn't really matter if I checked or not, there would be no way I could have seriously changed what happened. 

So this is what I am finally going to do.

I'm going to sell everything like I said before and change my entire portfolio; and reconstruct it to better fit what I want it to do. 

But, that will all happen next time when I post.



Monday, May 14, 2012

Precious Metals; their Pros and Cons

Over time, precious metals are one of the most viable options to choose when investing in long term. Let me explain why.

First, let's go over what investing in precious metals are. To make a huge definition short, it is basically investing in gold, silver, etc. Over the long term.

The reason why I would actually agree with anyone who says that precious metals is a decent investment is for the first reason, the chances of profit.

Which is pretty much guaranteed. Haven't you heard about the people everywhere screaming and protesting about how we are seriously using up the world's resources? Yes, you probably have. As our generation begins to mine out every last bit of gold that we can get, and supposedly the quantity of gold will lower, therefore increasing the overall value of gold. There is quite a lot of agreement regarding it, saying that there is an alarming amount of it being cast aside or thrown away, never to be seen again.

 It's actually pretty much a no-brainer why it will make you money, but here is why you will certainly not lose all of your money. I would say that above all else, it is a far better store of value than an investment. That's extremely important in economic downturns.

Gold has a preset intrinsic utilitarian value; it won't just suddenly flop like companies do with stocks, as companies can be bursting with problems with management, consumers, etc. while Gold, is still Gold. There's no way that gold can suddenly be 50% of its worth in one month, unlike how stocks can achieve that feat.

So in a way, you may not get huge profit, but it is still definitely a great option for those who want to further diversify their portfolio and overall make some dough.

There are a lot of other options to pick from other than gold, which is even better.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Investing and Growing Older

I just wanted to share a nice tip, which is another key rule to remember if you want to invest in pretty much anything:

As you get older, you will take less risks.

I hope you keep this in your mind because if you don't, some major flaws can happen just because your investing strategy is really stupid.

When you are young, you have time to spare and you can invest in risky but high-return stocks such as budding companies, or fluctuating stocks that can make you lose more or hopefully, gain more.

I know this might not seem like much sense, but here's most basic root I will give you of what I am trying to say.

When you are young, you can live in a dump, or whatever and not care. Reason being, you are still young and it won't really affect much of what your future will be, but when you are old, you have to care a whole lot more. Don't you have a family to take care of? Don't you have a retirement to worry about? Your 401(k)?

Yes, being stupid and losing a lot of money when you try to invest in high-risk stocks is not as bad as if you were a teenager, but a lot worse if you are an adult.

Don't be the family that goes bankrupt because of ambitious investments.

At most be the teen that goes bankrupt.

Now, I'm not saying that you can't speculate and do something a bit outrageous once in a while later on in your life, but make sure that you are trading with the knowledge that you can, and most likely will, lose everything you put up.


Sunday, May 6, 2012


It seems like I never talk much anymore, I'll seriously try to get that back working again. I probably have a serious issue with my perseverance. I'm very sorry for those who really care about this blog and its posts, I will be posting this week often. Don't worry. Some great stuff coming online soon.



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