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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overview of My Portfolio

I recently checked my portfolio again today. Here is what I found:

To make this a long story short, I really enjoyed looking at my earnings. It is really good for me, because of how my net worth has changed from 100 thousand to 146 thousand dollars.

I think I did a pretty good job.

I think I'll just stay with these stocks, it makes no sense in throwing away some great prospects, because APPL is growing rapidly, and IYR and SPY are large-cap stocks, so they won't flop in one day.

I'm thinking of speculating some, just for kicks but I want to maintain my goal to 200 thousand dollars.

I'll also be back to tell you guys about some strategies for investing in stocks, so keep an eye out for that.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Look at My Portfolio

Well, its been a while since I looked at my portfolio, so here's what I plan to do and what's my opinion on what is going on.

I guess it is pretty good, I can see that APPL is really outperforming. That is a really good sign, but IYR is still fluctuating right now and there isn't much to be said about the average index of the real estate market. There's not much I can really do or say.

What I decided to start investing in is the Standard & Poor 500 ETF fund. I can't really explain too much about what this is, but let's just say it's a way of investing in an index fund that normally isn't able to be invested in. I'll get to you with that later.

So this is basically what the order will look like. I think this would be good as a long term investment because I am sure that the S&P 500 will not fluctuate. I will probably move into short-term investments for rapid growth later, but I still want to make sure I have a decent base to start off with.

Well, this is what my portfolio looks like right now, and if you want an explanation on why I chose the S&P 500, it's because I always like the idea of not losing huge amounts of money into fluctuating investments and if I do chose short-term investments, I will have to check the stock exchange very often.

That would make me a serious nerd.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Portfolio Update

After realizing that this blog was still going strong and also that it was still also incredibly fun to write and post on this blog, I decided to check out my portfolio. This is what I ended up seeing.

Argh. I really should have sold IDCC. It was really earning me quite a bit if you want to look at this blog post.

None the less, I decided to sell IDCC. I really should have looked at how the points were really dropping, but I was stupid and lazy.

It's ok. I sold all of the stocks and when the market reopens, I will tell you guys what I decided to buy next.

Let's look at the index fund for real estate. It's going up, and I am pretty assured that in the future all that it will do is grow considering the massive population growth and the never-ending need for homes. It's also a high-cap stock, so I can rest knowing that it won't just sink.

APPL was a pretty dang great choice, I'll just keep that in the portfolio for now and look at it from time to time.


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