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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just another quick summary for this week

3 Things:

All of these companies are small-cap, so if you choose to invest in them, then you should make sure that you take the appropriate risk measures before choosing to invest in them.

I decided to keep holding REGI, I really like how it has a 0.15 PEG ratio and although the revenue and EPS is erratic, Renewable Energy Inc is dominant in this industry and I believe that renewable energy is a growing business with many opportunities to grow in the future.

All ratios suggest that this stock is seriously undervalued. It is priced 0.49 book value, it has huge expected EPS growth. Also, it recently "inked" a deal for further growth. I'm still keeping an eye on this stock, though.

BBSI has huge expected growth and pays dividends. It is in staffing and outsourcing, so it is also a fast growing industry and I have high expectations.

Overall, I am pretty happy about my portfolio, it is obviously an aggressive growth strategy.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stocks I Bought

I recently purchased AAPL, I feel it is undervalued.

It's PEG ratio is under 0.6, I seriously feel that this stock is nice growth stock. It recently had a bad break with it's bad products, but people have dumped this stock too much.

I also bought BBSI, I high flying company with lots of growth

and I have decided to hold REGI, It is just too good of a stock. Extremely undervalued in a growing industry.

Feel free to comment.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick Update

Well, I recently bought APEI, REGI, and KMX near the middle of November. I have some good growth so far.

I like APEI and REGI because I feel that education and renewable energy are going to benefit under the obama administration.

I also think that KMX has a chance for quite a bit of growth in the used car market.

Sorry for the super quick update, I really am having a conflict with my schedule and stuff, but I have had a 9% gain in my portfolio this week. That's pretty good.

Sorry for the short update. I guess this will have to happen quite often.


Feel free to comment.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11th Weekly Update

I said I would do this, and I graciously have. I am going to take you through all of my decisions that I have made in my investing process, and hopefully you guys will be following me.

Like I said in the first post I have ever made, I will be keeping things simple. I hopefully will be able to explain things because I have so much time to make these posts.

So, on we go. We are near the beginning of the week. I can't necessarily tell you guys exactly what trades I made for purposes such as TradeKing being down at the moment and I believe it would be somewhat illegal? I'm not sure.

I recently bought these three stocks.

AVID. I bought this because I somewhat like the chart, and I'll get into the fundamentals in a bit.

And by the way, it is really hard to read these charts unless you click it yourself. It's weird, and I'm going to try and fix that later on. At least it's a problem for me and my 13 inch laptop.

But back to the point. as you can see, there is a nice channel that has formed, and I bought this stock near the last support. I have had some success with it so far, near 4% return overall I think, but I also think the fundamentals, (financial information)  is just as, if not more important than the chart. This decides on if you should buy the stock or not. This is the pinnacle of data that you will need to know.

Click on it.
I am not so fond of it. (Again, sorry but you'll just have to trust me with the info I am giving if you don't want to click it.

Right now it is losing money. Fair enough? Yet I'm neutral on this stock. Why?

It is trading at a negative P/E ratio, while the forward P/E is near 20. Good.

Price to book value is 0.68. That means this company right now is undervalued.

Debt to Equity ratio is 0. GREAT. I love companies without debt.

I like the EPS growth. It is growing at 40%, next year will be 196%.

Yet, it is losing money quarterly. That rings a bell. It's sales growth is slowing also.

It's return on assets and return on equity is negative. Very bad.

This company has been a bad performer this year. Bad.

I also did some work on paper when researching this stock...

Eh. I didn't really know what I was doing.

I can go for a huge win in this stock, but I can also lose some money too if this company doesn't follow through. I don't know.

KELYA is another stock.

This is also another undervalued stock with the same positives and negatives as AVID, I just felt like diversifying my choices. The chart is an upward wedge. I like that. 

KELYA's ROA, ROE, and ROI are positive. Better. It has some differences, but see if you can find that out yourself.

The 2 other stocks that I do plan to put my money into are explained in my work here. 

This one is also neutral. 
CYS Financial

It also pays a 14% dividend which is nice, but can be too good to be true, or so I have been told.

REGI, I compared it to DOW chemical as they are in same sector but I don't need to show you guys about that. That stock is already fully valued.

I really like REGI.

It's undervalued as heck.

Well, this is basically what I have done this week, I have also a lot of charts but I realized how dumb only staring at charts can be unless you trade intraday, which I can't do. I have school.

Feel free to comment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More changes.

I'll begin to have even more content to start rolling in here now that I have $5k to use at my disposal to trade. There will be some minor changes now and I am really ready to start telling you guys about my plans for this blog.

I have really been erratic in the consistency of my posts. I'll try and fix that as now I have a trading account which I devote hours upon hours on.

I'll also show you guys countless charts, which will begin to detail my technical analysis.

Lastly, I will start updating my blog weekly on sundays. I hope it won't get you guys too mad.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Trades

Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that I was busy recently as I was setting up a real trading account and now I can begin to use this blog the way it was meant to be be documenting my decisions.

Recently I bought shares of GOOG after the 9% drop after the disappointing earnings report, but I still believe that Google is a growth stock.

Here are my reasons shown in this chart:

I also purchased some shares of FRGI. This stock has been oversold, the trend is reversing also, but I am not planning to hold onto this one as the fundamentals are not so good. Earnings reports show that the company is losing revenue.

But, even so, technicians believe that the chart is all that matters and that fundamentals have no real meaning at all.

I'm still trying to decide on if I am a fundamentalist or a technical analyst.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just an update

I have just gotten funding for stocks to invest in, and I am looking into CAT and JNJ. I'm sorry for basically saying nothing, but I'm really busy and will discuss with you guys my decisions at a later time. Now, I am in the grueling process of just picking the stocks.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Still Rolling Along...

Just a quick summary: 

I guess I'm doing ok.

I sold all of my Intel holdings.


I bought one share of QQQV, a commission free ETF that tracks the NASDAQ 500.

It's all good.

I am also trying to start a TradeKing account so I can actively trade.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Greed is Good.

I have just recently watched a great 1987's movie that is called Wall Street, now, you might be sitting there reading this thinking, "Wow Kevin, are you really that desperate that you need to indulge yourself in these fantasies and believing that being a stockbroker really is that exciting, corrupt, and greedy? My answer is no.

Some parts of that movie were just kinda stupid to be honest with you, but as I got somewhere into the middle of the movie I head a monologue that was said by Michael Douglas that gave me a good glimpse of how our economy will survive.

(Read the entire thing, you will not be disappointed.)

Gordon Gekko: [at the Teldar Paper stockholder's meeting] Well, I appreciate the opportunity you're giving me Mr. Cromwell as the single largest shareholder in Teldar Paper, to speak. Well, ladies and gentlemen we're not here to indulge in fantasy but in political and economic reality. America, America has become a second-rate power. Its trade deficit and its fiscal deficit are at nightmare proportions. Now, in the days of the free market when our country was a top industrial power, there was accountability to the stockholder. The Carnegies, the Mellons, the men that built this great industrial empire, made sure of it because it was their money at stake. Today, management has no stake in the company! All together, these men sitting up here own less than three percent of the company. And where does Mr. Cromwell put his million-dollar salary? Not in Teldar stock; he owns less than one percent. You own the company. That's right, you, the stockholder. And you are all being royally screwed over by these, these bureaucrats, with their luncheons, their hunting and fishing trips, their corporate jets and golden parachutes. 

Cromwell: This is an outrage! You're out of line Gekko! 

Gordon Gekko: Teldar Paper, Mr. Cromwell, Teldar Paper has 33 different vice presidents each earning over 200 thousand dollars a year. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these guys do, and I still can't figure it out!... 
One thing I do know is that our paper company lost 110 million dollars last year, and I'll bet that half of that was spent in all the paperwork going back and forth between all these vice presidents. The new law of evolution in corporate America seems to be survival of the unfittest. Well, in my book you either do it right or you get eliminated. In the last seven deals that I've been involved with, there were 2.5 million stockholders who have made a pretax profit of 12 billion dollars. Thank you. I am not a destroyer of companies. I am a liberator of them! The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you very much. 

*taken from

Basically, the thing you should have taken from it is that...

"Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only solve (insert fictional company here), but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you very much."

I chose to further analyze this quote which in my opinion would be highly conflicted against by the middle class, as many believe that having so much greed becomes an undermining quality and it diminishes your other life pursuits as money is just some trivial thing awarded to those who are cheating cocky losers.

But to the rich, don't they believe that they have done nothing wrong and believe that they have just worked harder? Isn't it just pitiful how the middle-class would make fun of us when we are the ones with all the power? Is money really that bad? Are they happier because they have less money, power and greed us? Are we more desperate, lonely and greedy because we have more? Is our naturally occurring greed an undesirable trait? 

I bet people on each side would ask these own questions, as every human strives for a better lifestyle and more happiness, and here I am to just silence everyone's (the 99%'s opinions) which is that being rich is plainly nothing, and that everyone can be happy without money.

My answer which would probably fit in the 99%'s group and would also likely get them angry at me is that I truly believe that being rich is a privilege that you have to work for. They have had better education, better training and most likely for them their riches weren't handed to them on a silver platter. (Some actually were) but we are getting away from the point. Being rich is actually quite hard, otherwise everyone would be, wouldn't they? And the rich people probably have a higher standard of life than us, with luxury goods, cars, suits, social circles, everything. 

Still, there are a small population of the rich circle which are unhappy with their lives, drunkards who are mad with themselves and will someday throw themselves off of a building on a city street, but that is really just a dumb kind of stereotype middle-class men go about with rich people. They just enjoy a better life than most, and we try and comfort ourselves because we don't have those luxuries, don't we?

I found this online, very suitable.
You can still be perfectly happy being a middle-class family, but I know that people out there are just baffled and angry, saying it is not fair on how come they are not rich, while the other idiots with their dumb suits are making millions.

Basically, what I am saying is that:

You can be happy with being part of the 99%, but to be honest with you, from my experience it is just hard to be perfectly happy with your resolve as there are advertisements, magazine covers, news and just that nagging feeling while you drive your car to your 9-to-5 that there are people out there who are traveling, going to fancy restaurants and being just plain old successful, and they know it.

The only way you can be perfectly happy with yourself and just your life is GREED. It is quite, good. The only way our human civilization and economy can progress is having this sacred quality of greed, otherwise the lazy ones can sit back with their beers and watch progress and industry happen before their eyes, leaving them in the dust.

It is a fact that I know will probably not be smiled upon by the general public, but greed for a better life, better future, better social agenda is how humans have continued to innovate and create new products and methods. It is what drives us to accomplish more.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

-The Declaration of Independence.

Monday, August 6, 2012

15% Return Made Easy.

This post I am planning to start getting my routine a whole lot more focused and good. The thing is, right now I am planning to make my schedule so that it would be best for me and the readers, so everyone would be happy.

But first, I have to show you guys my portfolio on Investopedia, maybe show you guys what is going on.
Kablam! I got myself a nice nifty 15% Return on Investment, at least that is what is projected, I honestly have no idea and it could tank. I'm pretty happy, because of the fact that I have all of my money invested in stocks, which actually a pretty bad idea. The reason why it is a bad idea is because of the fact that stocks are volatile, and the risk level of stocks is high. 
Luckily, the profitability could be higher than some other ways of investing, and because this is a simulator and I am doing pretty well on it after all, who cares? I'll lose it all.

Now, here is the real deal. After all, I recently told you guys that I have started an actual stock investing account with E-Trade, (Actually my dad set it up a long time ago but it hasn't really done much, meaning it hasn't been invested into anything at all.)

As you know, I have less than $200 to invest. But luckily, I have had some good things happen to me with even such a low investment amount, I have gotten 5% return in less than 1 month. That is absolutely crazy. I am pretty happy about what has been going on and I recently decided to see if my investment choices and character were good for this portfolio. (By the way, I invested in DEM, a commission-free ETF that was offered by E-Trade, it is all International Emerging Markets and what I noticed, just makes the effects of the S&P 500 really blow). Meaning, if the S&P 500 were to go up a point, then this DEM ETF would go up 1.5 Points. If S&P 500 Drops one Point, then the DEM ETF would drop 1.5 Points.

I was hoping to ride the market's lows and sell on the market's highs.

Back to the Subject, E-Trade offered a free analysis of what kind of investor you are and then told you what kind of allocation you should have. My allocation was for a moderate risk investor, and this is the huge difference I had in diversification.

Check this out. It turns out that my allocation was basically 2/3rds in International holdings, and 1/3rds in just cash. I don't really think that was good, and E-Trade thought so too. They wanted me to get stocks, mostly large cap stocks for safety and small cap stocks for volatility. I was pretty much ready to apply this, until I realized one thing:

COMMISSIONS. They would eat me alive, because having just under $200 is not enough to apply this kind of portfolio. I needed a lot more money just to handle commissions as I would probably execute more than 7 Trades (4 of them Stocks) to apply an extremely well-diversified portfolio, meaning I would have roughly $36 in commission alone, more than one-fifth of my investment fund alone just sent to e-trade in commissions alone, so I was like, "nah." 

I knew this was the right way to go, but I couldn't just switch to that kind of portfolio immediately. I needed more funds, and I was thinking of racking up some cash online to deposit in this account. (I have a ton of online businesses running.)

So I'll just stick to riding the market right now, I can't just switch because I also have to think about how I was going to be screwed by commissions and people have to understand that some large cap stocks are selling for more than my entire fund combined!

I'm pretty disappointed, but I'll get enough funds one day. Trust me.

LASTLY, I was talking about a new schedule, which will be implemented as soon as possible. I've decided to start writing blog posts every Monday at 4-5 pm, I might not do it later on as school starts again, but who knows? Because I have soccer doesn't mean I can't work on my blog.

Lastly, I have a comment question for the readers: Do you guys have investment portfolios of your own? If so, tell me how much risk you are taking. 



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ive been busy.

Sorry if I just haven't talked to you guys enough, I was busy doing some things that I can't wait to tell you about. All I can tell you is that I was once writing a guest post on another blog. You can go check it out here:

So pretty much, that was all and I was just lazy. I'll tell you guys more about some things I have done.

Examples: I started an actual etrade account, I started domain flipping. I was going around the city, and I'll tell you guys about some stock tips.

Since I'm doing this blog post on my iPod touch I don't have the tags so you guys can share with your friends. Please do so, it would mean a lot to me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Trip to NYC

Recently I was just at a vacation to America's greatest city and the epitome of American Capitalism, Finance, and Diversity. I was truly amazed with everything, and I realized something about life that I would remember for a long ways to come.

I was shown to the East Coast lifestyle, where everyone is hustling and bustling; going somewhere where they will work their butts off to further advance their career and way of life.

In here, it was a huge fight to the finish, everyone wasn't happy with the things they already had, they wanted more. They undeniably had ambition, and what no better place to have that ambition than New York City.

There were a lot of things I saw as a tourist, I saw the usual places where tourists normally go. It was also near Independence Day, so we all had our inner patriot for this country. We took a look at the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center memorial, things like that.

But the thing that was so cool was somehow even only staying there for 1 week in this nice hotel called "Affinia", we felt like the insiders, and we felt like we lived there all our lives.

We took a look at the financial district, where investors trade millions of dollars without breaking a sweat, with funds exceeding billions. We saw the people everywhere with their suits, going to Starbuck's, commuting with friends and working really a nice lifestyle, it looked pretty cool.

Times Square, the mass of it, the people everywhere makes you remember that there is so much to be done, so much people to meet, so much places to go, things to do, jobs to be employed in, a true center of America. When you go there at night it's almost like morning, the lights are that prominent.

I've even been to chicago, (I live near it) so trust me, New York is really an experience. No other city in  the U.S.A. can come close to the vibes you get from this place.

Heck, even the subway was interesting. Not gonna lie, it was fun.

You feel like you have to work, and work hard. This place is filled with different people with ambition. No other environment I have seen makes people have this sense of urgency and ambition as much as New York City.

Sorry if this isn't really an investor kind of post, but I really was inspired here and someday I'm gonna settle here.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diversification Works

Well, so far it has been a full week since I have revamped my portfolio, and needless to say... I got what I expected. After browsing around looking for some of the main ideas of investing, I got the idea of this main term that should guide investors everywhere: Diversification.

There is still growth potential and much less flop potential when you follow this rule. It may seem hard to do at first because you might want to jump onto the next big investment or not even have enough funds to divide, but you should always find a way.

To put it this way, think of stocks as a giant cookie. You want to savor the taste of this cookie as much as possible, so what do you do? You divide it into more pieces you get more of the cookie. That wasn't really a good relation, but you get the point.

Anyways, here is what my portfolio looks like.

I am pleased. Some of the stocks have been falling a bit these short days, but the fact is these are all long term stocks and I don't have much to worry about. Honestly, I am most excited with the portion on the top right.

Annual return. That's what most investors, families, whatever around care the most about. "How much money will I get in return for my investment at the end of the year?"

Well, for me it is 15%. That's crazy.

Look at this article here.

10% is a great investment and here my portfolio is with 15%!

Well, let's hope it lasts.

Next post I'm going to be talking about a controversial way to invest, Domain Name Broking.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

My New Portfolio

There is no complete lenient industry I'm investing in.
Well, after a long time deciding on how to partition the different investment choices, I decided to go with these percentages:

35% - Technology (Apple)
30% - Food Services (Kraft)
20% - Industrial Services (Caterpillar)
15% - Other Investment Firms (JNJ)

The reason I decided upon this is because of how I wanted technology to be a major kind of investment because of it's all the rage right now, and everyone really loves it. There is a huge profit margin for technology, and I think that technology will always be one of my favorite choices to invest in. Another added addition is that it is really easy to know the basic direction the industry is going in because of how much news and media is surrounding technology.

Food services is another choice of mine because of how stable the industry will be. Honestly, there is no way that suddenly the entire world will have no more need of food; it will always be a necessity and a growing business with everyone saying that our population is exponentially growing.

Industrial services is yet another choice of mine because of how it is also becoming a thriving business with countries making their leap from third world countries to technologically-advanced countries. One signal of this is how they are constructing newer and better objects and buildings for their public. The only way they can do that is with construction tools. Also, there is no way that the industrial machinery industry will suddenly collapse, like technology can.

Lastly, I chose to save a part for investment firms. I have chosen 2 firms which I believe invest and create the right companies and honestly, they can do some of the work for me.

So, here's the math.


Technology - $35,999.61
Food Services - $30,856.81
Industrial Services - $20,571.21
Other Firms - $15,428.40

Well, yeah. That's what my portfolio now looks like.

There's going to be another post next Wednesday. Stay in touch.

I also want to explain how banks work; some stupid people out there think that they just lock your money up in a safe and pay you for it.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Better Way to Invest

I have since realized that my method of investing was a bad one, because I couldn't diversify enough. I only stuck with 3 industries, which were volatile and not sure to give me return, so as a result, I sold off all of my stocks in hopes to completely revamp my method of investing.

So what I did (I would like to show you guys a picture but it would be too much of a hassle) was list all of the different major players in the different industries I wanted to invest in.

This is basically the list I created:

I listed the industries and some great companies which fit into that industry, and I also listed some prospect investments.

So here it begins!



Food Services:


Industrial Services:


Good Investments:


I know this might seem kind of confusing right now, but its somewhat hard to explain and I am still in the middle of the process of deciding on which investments to go with. (I'm really try-harding this one.)

Don't worry, I'll be here next week with my choices and reasons.

I need to get this thing done, but I need something which is not my friend right now, time.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Im Not Sure.

Well, right now I am in a bit of a jam. I'm still wondering what to invest in, and wondering how I should spread my funds to invest in the different stocks. I'm sorry If this is a really pathetic short post, but sooner or later I will update this and show you guys my decisions and why I chose them.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't get swallowed in the mainstream.

Well, I am going to talk today about a topic which I feel strongly about.

Being part of the MAINSTREAM.

Now, you might not understand why I really care so much about this certain topic, but let me explain why I decided to mention the idea of being mainstream in investing.

I was recently hit with this idea when some of my peers were discussing the Facebook (FB) stock and saying how much they would love to invest in this company... Because of how much profitability is in the business idea and how they could easily "get rich quick".

I was dumbfounded by how stupid these people sounded, and I was also feeling a bit sorry for all of the people out there who would follow their friend's advice and end up buying this Facebook stock. Well, you have to realize that when you follow your friends and get caught up in the mainstream area of personal finance, then you will be saddened by how wrong they could be.

Don't put all of your faith in your peers and acquaintances, is all I am saying.

Let's look at the actual stock for example.

As you can see, if you actually bought this Facebook stock then you would have lost a lot of money, and without proper research you would have gotten mad at your friends and just gotten pooped on by the volatile stock market.

So my readers, this is my words of advice.

Don't listen to friends, fellow investors, etc. because you will eventually slip and fall because of their pesky advice, causing you to dislike them as a result of your loss of personal wealth.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Checking Again, A Horrible Tragedy.

Well, I guess I really deserved this one. I recently checked my portfolio again... And this is what it looks like.

Poop. Well, don't worry, laddies. I have a plan.


The reason why is because APPL is shocking me right now in its sudden downturn, which really sucks and the other 2 investments I can't even talk about. I just don't want to. So what I decided to do is to sell everything and set myself up for a new start. I still do have considerable money earned, ($35,000) but really, I just got pooped on because of my lack to check. 

Actually, it doesn't really matter if I checked or not, there would be no way I could have seriously changed what happened. 

So this is what I am finally going to do.

I'm going to sell everything like I said before and change my entire portfolio; and reconstruct it to better fit what I want it to do. 

But, that will all happen next time when I post.



Monday, May 14, 2012

Precious Metals; their Pros and Cons

Over time, precious metals are one of the most viable options to choose when investing in long term. Let me explain why.

First, let's go over what investing in precious metals are. To make a huge definition short, it is basically investing in gold, silver, etc. Over the long term.

The reason why I would actually agree with anyone who says that precious metals is a decent investment is for the first reason, the chances of profit.

Which is pretty much guaranteed. Haven't you heard about the people everywhere screaming and protesting about how we are seriously using up the world's resources? Yes, you probably have. As our generation begins to mine out every last bit of gold that we can get, and supposedly the quantity of gold will lower, therefore increasing the overall value of gold. There is quite a lot of agreement regarding it, saying that there is an alarming amount of it being cast aside or thrown away, never to be seen again.

 It's actually pretty much a no-brainer why it will make you money, but here is why you will certainly not lose all of your money. I would say that above all else, it is a far better store of value than an investment. That's extremely important in economic downturns.

Gold has a preset intrinsic utilitarian value; it won't just suddenly flop like companies do with stocks, as companies can be bursting with problems with management, consumers, etc. while Gold, is still Gold. There's no way that gold can suddenly be 50% of its worth in one month, unlike how stocks can achieve that feat.

So in a way, you may not get huge profit, but it is still definitely a great option for those who want to further diversify their portfolio and overall make some dough.

There are a lot of other options to pick from other than gold, which is even better.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Investing and Growing Older

I just wanted to share a nice tip, which is another key rule to remember if you want to invest in pretty much anything:

As you get older, you will take less risks.

I hope you keep this in your mind because if you don't, some major flaws can happen just because your investing strategy is really stupid.

When you are young, you have time to spare and you can invest in risky but high-return stocks such as budding companies, or fluctuating stocks that can make you lose more or hopefully, gain more.

I know this might not seem like much sense, but here's most basic root I will give you of what I am trying to say.

When you are young, you can live in a dump, or whatever and not care. Reason being, you are still young and it won't really affect much of what your future will be, but when you are old, you have to care a whole lot more. Don't you have a family to take care of? Don't you have a retirement to worry about? Your 401(k)?

Yes, being stupid and losing a lot of money when you try to invest in high-risk stocks is not as bad as if you were a teenager, but a lot worse if you are an adult.

Don't be the family that goes bankrupt because of ambitious investments.

At most be the teen that goes bankrupt.

Now, I'm not saying that you can't speculate and do something a bit outrageous once in a while later on in your life, but make sure that you are trading with the knowledge that you can, and most likely will, lose everything you put up.


Sunday, May 6, 2012


It seems like I never talk much anymore, I'll seriously try to get that back working again. I probably have a serious issue with my perseverance. I'm very sorry for those who really care about this blog and its posts, I will be posting this week often. Don't worry. Some great stuff coming online soon.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overview of My Portfolio

I recently checked my portfolio again today. Here is what I found:

To make this a long story short, I really enjoyed looking at my earnings. It is really good for me, because of how my net worth has changed from 100 thousand to 146 thousand dollars.

I think I did a pretty good job.

I think I'll just stay with these stocks, it makes no sense in throwing away some great prospects, because APPL is growing rapidly, and IYR and SPY are large-cap stocks, so they won't flop in one day.

I'm thinking of speculating some, just for kicks but I want to maintain my goal to 200 thousand dollars.

I'll also be back to tell you guys about some strategies for investing in stocks, so keep an eye out for that.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Look at My Portfolio

Well, its been a while since I looked at my portfolio, so here's what I plan to do and what's my opinion on what is going on.

I guess it is pretty good, I can see that APPL is really outperforming. That is a really good sign, but IYR is still fluctuating right now and there isn't much to be said about the average index of the real estate market. There's not much I can really do or say.

What I decided to start investing in is the Standard & Poor 500 ETF fund. I can't really explain too much about what this is, but let's just say it's a way of investing in an index fund that normally isn't able to be invested in. I'll get to you with that later.

So this is basically what the order will look like. I think this would be good as a long term investment because I am sure that the S&P 500 will not fluctuate. I will probably move into short-term investments for rapid growth later, but I still want to make sure I have a decent base to start off with.

Well, this is what my portfolio looks like right now, and if you want an explanation on why I chose the S&P 500, it's because I always like the idea of not losing huge amounts of money into fluctuating investments and if I do chose short-term investments, I will have to check the stock exchange very often.

That would make me a serious nerd.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Portfolio Update

After realizing that this blog was still going strong and also that it was still also incredibly fun to write and post on this blog, I decided to check out my portfolio. This is what I ended up seeing.

Argh. I really should have sold IDCC. It was really earning me quite a bit if you want to look at this blog post.

None the less, I decided to sell IDCC. I really should have looked at how the points were really dropping, but I was stupid and lazy.

It's ok. I sold all of the stocks and when the market reopens, I will tell you guys what I decided to buy next.

Let's look at the index fund for real estate. It's going up, and I am pretty assured that in the future all that it will do is grow considering the massive population growth and the never-ending need for homes. It's also a high-cap stock, so I can rest knowing that it won't just sink.

APPL was a pretty dang great choice, I'll just keep that in the portfolio for now and look at it from time to time.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I need to talk to you guys more.

I am not good at this.

Sorry for ditching you guys again, I really have a lot of things to take care of but now since I am back up and running, I am ready to go.

Right now I just want to talk about how some industries are really falling, or failing.

One industry I would like to tell you guys about is the oil industry.

In my opinion, this industry is in the downturn and right now, is definitely a place for forex trading. It's in no way a good choice for those looking for something to invest their retirement fund in, or whatever else.

I think we could all learn a valuable lesson in the fact that just thinking about common sense can help investors out in deciding what to invest in.

Say, since their are completely new and usable alternatives to oil nowadays, there definitely has to be a downturn in the market share of the oil industry.

So my readers, just remember that stocks are not just numbers and points. They are shares in a company, and you have to decide for yourself if you want to be part of that company.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Guidelines for Trading in Stocks

My dad always told me that trading stocks was all about discipline. You can't always expect to get things right all of the time, and you can't always expect to make money.

Say, the real investors who are going to be successful in the long run who invest in stocks will remember this golden rule: Buy Low, Sell High.

Sadly, there are some who don't follow that rule by doing these things:

Buy Mid, Sell Low

These are people who see that a stock is doing very well, but THEY HAVEN'T GOTTEN THERE IN TIME! Call off the opportunity. You can't always hop on the bandwagon because when people start to liquidate, or sell their stocks you will be very sad because you didn't make much profit. It will go down and you will be forced to lose money.

Buy Low, Sell High (Or at least as high as possible)

You might think this is a good thing. Well, it somewhat is. The problem is, people might have done most of the stuff right. They might have gotten the shares at a relatively low price, and held on to make some profit.

But this is where greed will take over.

You could end up keeping the stocks even when you know it has reached its peak, and hope that it will go up even more.

It will go down. You will feel very sad, and you don't think so? Trust me, losing an opportunity to earn another thousand dollars is easier said than done.

This is really all I have for the moment, I'll talk about that stuff more.


Argh. I lost a lot of money with the IDCC stock. I'll hold on. AAPL is the only investment which is doing pretty well at the moment. I'll also hold onto the IYR. I might liquidate IDCC soon.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

130-30 Strategy. What is it?

There are many ways to implement complicated strategies into how you invest, and how you can make money off of the stock market.

Today, I am going to teach you what and how the 130-30 Strategy is used.

What it is is basically how investors rank stocks in indexes, and then use that information to their advantage.

They do this by ranking all of the companies in an index fund such as the S&P 500 and see which companies are expected to have the greatest profit margin, from beginning to end. They see which stocks will and are performing the best, and then they

What they then do is liquidate or sell the stocks that are projected to underperform and buy various stocks at the top of the list.

This then allows the investors to further more diversificate their portfolio and end up winning.

I hope you learned something valuable today. I sure did.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Resources to use to Learn.

Sadly my dear friends, you might not be able to actually fully understand investing with the  rate of learning I am going at. I seem to have to do other things, which isn't too good for the health of this blog and the overall success of my project.

Luckily, in this article I will teach all of you guys how to learn about the beautiful world of investing and managing money from all of these websites. These are some great websites to learn how to make money just by putting money into a fund or investment.

This is pretty much the premier website of choice for learning about investing and is a valuable tool for those who are students or such in the world of investing. There are various quizzes, practice exams, worksheets, guides, and even a handy stock simulator in which you get money to invest in your own stocks of your own choice.

Yahoo Finance is a great tool to use to check stock quotes for a building block for conducting your won research.

If you are actually a professional investor who hasn't signed up for an online stock broker, you should remember this bottom-line rule that will help no matter what in your decision in which stock broker you would want to choose.

If an online stock broker ever says that they have "extensive" tools for performing complicated research, but charge more for that very reason, skip them as a choice. They are basically ripping you off and treating you for nothing. There are many other free choices and websites out there to check your quotes and to get data for your stocks.

I honestly don't know much or basically anything about this particular website, but I just recently signed up for an account.

This is actually a really cool business idea in which people can share what they have invested in. It's basically like Facebook for Stocks.

People can also view what the big-shot investors are looking into, so you can definitely inspect what they invested in, why they chose it, and learn quite a bit.

These are all I have for you. On to the review for my portfolio.

Oh yeah. I guess you could say that I definitely predicted well. If only I had real money to reap in the benefits.

I also haven't really looked at the stocks in-depth for a while, so here I go.

Apple Inc.

This was taken over a six month period. I don't really know if I should sell or not, but it is definitely growing rapidly and fast.

The company is doing well, but I guess I'll keep an eye on it but stay with it. There always has to be an end to everything, including success.

Real Estate Index:

I looked at it and I don't think I need to show you a picture of my situation. It's a high-cap stock, it's not doing too well at the moment, but I believe that it can go up in a longer term. I'll hold.

IDCC (Interdigital, Inc.)

I have gotten really lucky. I pretty much hit it Johnny on the spot. The dot represents the time of which I bought the shares. It has gone up since then. Oh yeah. It is on a positive upturn, but it is still fluctuating. I'll still hold and keep an eye on it.

Overall, my portfolio has earned even more money, my account is fine, I will continue to blog more and more for you guys.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sorry for the Wait.

Sorry for making you guys wait so much for me to post. I didn't really have a whole lot of time. Right now I don't have an abundance either.

Here's my update on my portfolio.

It seems I actually did a pretty good job, except for the fact that the average for real estate hasn't been too well. The stock really bounced in IDCC so in the long term that was a good idea, and APPL has served me well.

Who cares for the IYR quote though? It's a high-cap stock so it is bound to rebound back. I don't have to worry about it or sell it right now.

My account is in good standing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some More Basics.

There's no other way for me to actually say it. If you want to consider yourself in any way a professional investor, you're going to have to answer these questions or know what they are without any problem. You should also remember this stuff and remember what it is, because trust me, you will have to know what they are.

the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other Index funds, the S&P 500; you will have to remember what these are. These are called index funds. They are considered the benchmarks for the overall economy; what they do is take the average of the stocks of companies which are considered to lead today's industries, and they show that.

Warren Buffett
Investing in them are a decent decision which not much people will argue against, because they don't often flop and completely get destroyed or go bankrupt, because they are high-cap stocks.
You will also kind of somewhat know some of the best investment mentors, such as Warren Buffett. You can even see some of their interviews to hear about what they say and you can learn quite a bit. Trust me, they know the market and they know investing. They've made quite a fortune with investments.

Really, it's definitely quite good to be acquainted with their techniques and advice. It'll help you out in the long run.

asset: this is a vocabulary word. What does it mean? It means something which you own that has value.  Still don't get it? I am wearing a north face jacket right now. That has value, so therefore it is your asset. Investors use this to calculate how much your net worth is by looking at all of your assets and adding them up to find the final answer.

net worth: What that means is how much you are basically worth with all of your assets. So all of your investments and things you own added up to find the net worth.

high-cap and low-cap: These are basically describing the types of stocks that are out there. High-cap means that the company is in the billions in assets, like google, microsoft, the DOW Jones industrial average etc. Low-cap means that a company is just getting started, and the prices of the stocks can fluctuate often, meaning that if you invest in the company, your stock prices can rapidly go up and down, which is higher risk, but if that company becomes the next corporation giant, then you'll get a huge return. Your call.

IPO: This is an abbreviation for "initial public offering." What? This is the definition for how much a company is asking for each share when it goes from private to public. Such as, Facebook is going public soon. It's all over investment news. This only happens when private companies ask for prices per share when it enters the market.

eTrade, one well-known stock broker.
broker: This basically the company who buys the shares of stock for you. There are many different options for stock brokers, and you really just have to choose carefully when you choose because there are many different types of brokers which are good and bad for the situation you are in and the decisions you will have to make.

Brokers are very important for the success of your investment career, so do your research and choose wisely.

That's pretty much all I can think of from the top of my head. Learn these because it will be basics you will remember for hopefully, a long time.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Diversification; Why it can save you.

If you put all of your money towards a certain industry or stock, then you are going to win big if the stocks skyrocket, but then you are going to really flop if the stocks go bad. Some investors like the idea of taking these risks because they can actually analyze the company's "books" and really decide if the investment will be good for them, but in real life most investors diversify their investments, by spreading out their funds with different types of stocks and different types of investing.

Examples would be how investors invest in stocks, stash some money in bank accounts, invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Don't know what they are? Check out my last post here.
The reason why diversification is such a proven-method is because if, say, your stocks aren't doing well and you are losing some value, you will always have some other form of investment to counteract your loss making your net worth not so much blown over.

Some investors invest in many different stocks, or they go even further by investing in different methods altogether. Your pick on which way to diversificate your portfolio, but make sure you do, because it will help you out immensely.

If you still don't understand what the idea of diversification still is, let me help you.

Say you were an avid sports dan and you have gotten into the habit of betting on the winner of the sports games, your starting fund is $100.

You have 2 choices:

1. Bet all your $100 on one team in one game. You can win, but if you lose, you'll lose it all.

2. Divide your $100 into 1/5ths which would equal $20 for each game that you would bet on. You still have the same amount of research and a good sense of estimation. You are more likely to get better returns because there are so much different games that would be going on, and if you get unlucky once, there would be a good chance of you offsetting your loss with the next game.

Yes, you would probably pick 2, otherwise you are very smart or very stupid. Why? With 2, your odds of gaining your starting fund are seriously better, and you can lower your risk of losing it all are drastically reduced. You may not earn as much, but you won't lose as much, either. That's the difference between a high-risk investment and a low-risk investment.

You can even diversify your investments by moving into other sports that you are very familiar with, to help your chances out even more. And so on.

As you can really see, diversification is a valuable skill to use when investing, and so you can end up more secure and feeling less likely to lose it all.

Portfolio update:

I guess my predictions weren't the best... So apple really increased like heck which is very good, but I didn't choose right with real estate and IDCC for now...

But it's only been 2 days. What can you expect? Stocks fluctuate, meaning they go up and down rapidly in short term, so you can't really base your decision on 2 days. This is still in the speculating area.

I really hit will with APPL so far though, but I think this won't last too long. I'll keep it a bit more, I'll check on it to see when everyone starts to buy it, so I'll sell then.

I'm not going to invest in any new stocks for the time being, so that will be it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Investing Meaning and Examples

In order to fully understand your investing environment that you encounter nowadays, you actually have to understand it first. This goes for you, this goes for me, this goes for everyone. Even experienced investors have to go back to basics to fully understand investing.

Let's look at the dictionary definition. Taken from

Well, I hope you read it clearly. What you are doing is putting money to use, as in the first definition. You are making your money work for you to make even more money.

There are also many different ways to invest.

Let's start with Bank Accounts.

These are the safest type of investment you can make. You will definitely not lose any money, at all. Unless someone robs the bank or if the bank seriously goes out of business.

They have the lowest interest rates, so the return won't be very high. (I have a savings account, and I get .01% Interest. That's very low.)

Money Market Accounts.

Almost just as safe, but what you are doing is investing in the money markets, which is basically a system in the financial sector which involves loans. So, what you do is loan someone(s) some money, and you get more return. Sadly, you can't get all your money back instantaneously just like that, like in Savings Accounts. You have to have pre-determined periods of investment. So, this wouldn't exactly be the best bet for the rainy day fund.


Basically you loan some money to any company, or the government.
They are given in sums of quite a bit of money and are traded in the Stock Market.
Very low risk investments, and it takes a long time (years) to get money because the money that will be given back is already promised when you first apply for one. The company that asks for it will pay it all back on a set date with added interest included.

It is really good for those who don't really want to open a professional portfolio but aren't sure about what they want to invest in. Also great if they don't have all the cash in the world to invest and are not sure about investing in general. 

Certificates of Deposit:

This is like the ones above, with a preset date of getting your funds back. Relatively low interest rates.


This is pretty much one of the standards of investing. People like it in the long run because you get the highest rates of return, which was proven by other financial experts, so people really focus on it and, it is quite predictable sometimes.

If the economy of the country the company is based in is decent, then the stocks will be decent. If the economy is struggling or sucks, well, better not invest in it until you know what you are doing.

Mutual Funds.

This is basically hiring a financial expert to do the work for you. You get to choose between low rates of return (less money) and less risk, or high rates of return and more risk.

They trade the stocks with yours and others money all mixed up together, and the magic happens. This method lets investors without that much money to get higher rates of return, because your money is benefited from methods that can only be achieved by higher starting funds, like diversification, and a higher stake in the company. (I'll get into that later.)


Not recommended for beginners. I repeat, not recommended for beginners.

Why? This is basically using methods such as forex, or investing in futures and options (I even don't know much about this) for short-term investments. 

Not recommended. I can't say this enough. You have to be a professional and have a lot of experience to do this, so I would say wait if you're a beginner like me. 

If you are a pro, you better look like this if you want to consider this path. That's all I can say.


This is investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, etc.
This is a decent way to invest, because the risk isn't too high and quite a bit of factors are involved which can be learned about not that hard, such as the environment, supply and demand. You can learn about this from even asking your friends if they like gold. 

It's not as likely to flop as currency, because gold actually matters, not some piece of paper or a nickel coin.

Remember this golden rule. 

The more money you ask for, the more likely you are to go down under.

The less money you ask for, the less likely you are to go down under.

Simple as that. You can't expect to invest in super-high risk stocks for stupid reasons, like if you had some misplaced sense of self-superiority, because the risk is real.

People have lost entire fortunes making the wrong investment decisions. Your money, believe it or not, can betray you sometimes. So don't go around thinking that investing is a sure way to earn money, because it's not. Sorry to break it to you.

So, I hope you understand more about the different types of investing, and maybe you'll get even more knowledge from this stuff. I know I surely did.

And again, I hope you realize that I don't know everything, so please comment if you want to give me a suggestion or some advice. Thanks for reading!



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